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Canistel - Egg Fruit (Out of Stock)

8-10 count Box of Redland-Raised Canistel, weight varies

Canistel, also know as Egg Fruit, was originally found growing wild in Southern Mexico, since then its been cultivated worldwide where the climates suitable . The fruit varies in form and size, it may be nearly round with a pointed apex. It is often compared in texture to the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. The flavor is sweet, mildly musky, and similar to a baked sweet potato. When unripe canistel is green-skinned, hard and gummy on the inside. When ripe, the skin turns golden-yellow, is very smooth and the fruit it self becomes soft to the touch. Be sure to let it ripen fully before eating, they are fresh picked so it might take 3-5 days sitting in room temperature before they are ready to enjoy. 

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